Ken Loach, ‘The Spirit of ’45’ – ‘Starting Again’

Ken-Loach-in-Cannes-2010--006Ken Loach has been a long standing voice against inequality, poverty and fascism. Films such as ‘Truth and Liberty’ portrayed the Spanish Civil War in a replay of George Orwell’s ‘Homage to Catalonia’.

The Spirit of ’45 is Ken Loach’s new documentary about the 1945 general election and the creation of the welfare state by Clement Attlee’s Labour government. He tells Andrew Pulver why a feeling of group ownership was so important in the postwar years and how that ideal still rings true today                             

His latest documentary harks back to the euphoria of victory post WW2, and the hopes for a ‘better’ world for the ‘majority’, with the single mindedness that ‘fascism’ would never happen again. It has, with unemployment, inequality and poverty mirrored in the mass evictions, suicides and homelessness going UNSEEN alongside the wealth glamour and billionaires of the age of “individual  choice.”                                                                                                                                      1362848391_274343_1362849287_noticia_normalReal Madrid football players with nothing better to do with their millionaires wages than get caught racing sports cars at 200 kph.

A world that can produce a statement like ; ” I DON’T SEE A WORLD WITHOUT MY PHONE”  as Gen Y – fi expect a limitless future. art-CONNECTED1-620x349




Nicole Foss – How I Prepared My Home for Peak Oil and Economic Uncertainty

Nicole Foss gave this talk in October 2011 which explained her personal preparation for Peak Oil depletion. As a guide to supplement her “inside” knowledge of Peak Oil and financial uncertainty it is invaluable, and gives excellent guidance on where her thoughts are for future everyday living. It details the preparations she and her family undertook in order to get ready for tough times ahead. Foss concludes with, “There is a hell of a lot we can do.  We can’t have business as usual.  We have to get over it.  It is gone.  It is done.  We cant’ have that.  We have to be happy with what we can have; that is really what it means to be human, and that is incredibly important. Perhaps the first solutions to “Starting Again”.

In February 2011 Ms Foss gave a talk on “Peak Oil & Economic Crisis – A Century of Challenges” which is a presentation of a DVD that is available from The Automatic Earth website (see “Links” om Home page). The Q & A after the talk is well worth listening to and replayed below.