DIMITRY ORLOV speaks on the many comparisons, economic and social and resource scarcity between that which Russia experienced and America faces.
CRITICAL MASS RADIO. Mike Freedman interviews Prof Tim Jackson (early 2010) on the Myth of Trickle Down, the dogma of “growth”, the search for CHEAP LABOUR.
Radio Ecoshock’s Alec Smith speaks with James Howard Kunstler.
Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith. This week interviews Illargi from “Automatic Earth” (see links) on the economic roller coaster, and Alder Stone Fuller who explains the background to his new courses on “Gaia 101”  http://alderstone3.com/
Alex Smith’s interview with Australian Julian Crib who has written profusely regarding the future followed by (21.50 sec) atmospheric scientist Assoc Prof Tim Garret who works from the Univeristy of Utah in Salt Lake City. Where does money get its value? What physically is economic wealth? For studies of atmospheric science, this is a highly relevant question because as the economy grows, so does its emissions of carbon dioxide.
  The Extraenvironmentalists ; Seth is based in Chapel Hill, NC where he creates media, plays disc golf and bikes. Justin is based in Vancouver, BC where he reads books, researches nanomaterials and walks in the forest. This interview is with Yorkshire born Richard Douthewaite about the collection of essays he co-edited on the coming financial storm, Fleeing Vesuvius. Richard is an author of many books on the fallacies of economic growth, co-founder  of the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, and a  Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.  Richard  explains how his educational background in economics stifled his worldview for a many years and the effect The Limits to Growth had on changing his mind about the ways in which modern economics are practiced.  They discuss why entrepreneurs are worshiped by economic leaders, the promise of liquidity networks for reforming currency dynamics, the ability for energy bonds to revolutionize community energy projects and the effect of introducing new technologies into an economic system.This week Seth and Justin interview Helen Norberg Hodge, environmentalist, writer and maker of the recent film :The Economics of Happiness”, a really interesting conversation.http://www.extraenvironmentalist.com/

 Paul Gilding, author of “The Great Disruption” was interviewd on October 16th by Radio New Zealand’s Sunday Morning show. Here Paul displays his ownership of current circumstances and sets out his opinions on what is necessary and where it will lead us. Notable in that yet another “futurist” is looking to a Steady State Economy as a viable option.
 Democracy Now! interviewed Eduardo Galeano just after his book “Mirrors” was published in 2009. It is a collection of short stories of the “nobodies” the “invisibles”. It is based on the fact that “everybody has something to say that deserves to be heard, perhaps even celebrated” Eduardo Galeano proves to be one of the great minds and wordsmiths alive today, very much alive. See also his conversation in Placa Catalunya, Barcelona where he describes the “new world that is waiting to be born”.


They can see you in the dead of night. Read a watch from a passing satelite,           Not even safe in your home, You’re never alone with a drone.
They keep Obama safe at night, Now he never gets uptight,                                There’s an icon on his new cell phone, He’s never alone with a drone,         
Technology will win the fight, We all know that might is right,                                        At a million dollars it’s worth the loan, ‘Cause you’re never alone with a drone.
What is news on Death t.v. It could be you and it could be me,                              S.M.S. from a mobile phone, And you’re never alone with a drone.                  
Predator, Reaper and Sentinel, In Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait as well,                              Could be anywhere just can’t tell, Run by a p.c. made by Dell.                           
Assasination by remote, Didn’t get time to grab his coat,                                        Clock on at 9 home by 5, Are these pilots really alive ?
All the fighting’s gone out of war, Being a target is such a bore,                                 You never know when you’re in the zone, ‘Cause you’re never alone with a drone.
The presumption of innocence disappears, no one’s allowed to shed any tears,        For the terrorist, the women, the children alone, who are never alone with a drone.                                                                                    

“Nuestros suenos no caben en su urnas”

              “Our dreams do not fit in your ballot box”      15-O


Information is not Knowlede,
Knowledge is not Wisdom,
Wisdom is not Truth,
Truth is not Beauty,
Beauty is not Love,
Love is not Music,
Music is the Best.

Frank Zappa.
b1940  d1993

There are 3 types of people,
Those who make things happen,
Those who wait for things to happen,
And those who wonder what happened.

      In the new economy there were 3 types of people;                                                   The have’s,

The have not’s,

          And the have-not-paid-for-what-they-have’s.

Satyajit Das, “Built to Fail”,


“Spending money we don’t have,
On things we don’t need,
To create impressions that won’t last,
On people we don’t care about”.
Professor Tim Jackson
Prosperity without Growth.

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