1. Leaving Sydney                      The trip of a lifetime from Australia to Barcelona
  2. Bali                                          began with a simple decision
  3. Borobudur                               NOT to fly. Planning was fairly easy using the
  4. Semerang                               terriffic resource that is once
  5. Singapore                               a way to get from Australia to Singapore was
  6. Penang                                    found. Luckily that took the form of a cruise ship!
  7. Bangkok                                  the rest was by train, the long way round through
  8. Vientiane                                 Russia (Trans Siberian). This is a record of what
  9. Hanoi                                       I found on the way.
  10. Halong Bay
  11. South China
  12. Beijing City
  13. The Forbidden City
  14. The Great Wall of China.
  15. Beijing ro Irkutsk Trans Siberian Pt 1
  16. Lake Baikal, Listvyanka.
  17. Irkutsk to Moscow Trans Sibererian Pt 2.
  18. Moscow.
  19. Montpellier

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