Antoni Gaudi i Cornet

In my humble opinion, Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926), is the most influential architect that has ever lived. His place in history is assured for his creativity and reliance on natural forms for his inspiration. The time during which he lived saw the flowering of Modernism, Beau Arts and a decorative style never to be repeated. He attracted the finest craftsmen available to ensure his fastidious designs were created exactly to his ideas. He revolutionised Cathedral building with a new geometry that has been verified by the most advanced computer aided drafting software. His major project, The Sagrada Familia is today continuing in the same spirit under which it was conceived, albeit with modern construction methods and the aid of 3 dimensional computer drafting.

These pages look at many of Antoni Gaudi’s completed works from his beginning as an architect working for Barcelona Council right up to the modern day when his major project, Sagrada Familia, continues.

1/ Early Council work, Placa Reial, & Cascada at Parc de la Ciutadella.                            2/ Casa Vicens                                                                                                                 3/ Casa Calvet                                                                                                                   4/ Finca Guell                                                                                                                     5/ Finca Miralles                                                                                                               6/ Casa Batllo                                                                                                                      7/ Casa Mila – La Pedrera                                                                                                 8/ Palau Guell                                                                                                                    9/ Golonia Guell Crypt, Santa Coloma de Cervella                                                            10/ Parc Guell 

This is not an exhaustive list and more can be found at “The Gaudi Barcelona Club”

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