Parc Guell.

Of all the projects Gaudi was involved in this is one of the best. Originally conceived as a private housing estate it only attracted a few interested buyers because of the distance from central Barcelona and was sold to Barcelona Council for a “peppercorn”. On display is Gaudi’s love of natural forms, denial of straight lines and use of local materials. This is one of the highlights of any visit to Barcelona and every weekend attracts throngs of people who love to walk on the meandering pathways, look out over the Mediterranean panorama and see the house (now the Gaudi Museum) in which Gaudi lived the last 12 years of his life.

The rose painted house was designed and built by one of his major collaborators Francesc Berenguer, a great designer and innovator in his own right, but these are the type of people who surrounded, and were attracted to the incomparable architect Antoni Gaudi.


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