Occupy Melbourne, Police move in again.

All praise to the dogged Occupy Melbourne, who, despite suffering extreme police harrassment and violence, have returned to Occupy sites again and again only to be moved on. This is the latest update, more violence, pepper spray ?



Doyle and the 1%

Robert Doyle is a bitter, twisted, failed State politician determined to make his mark amongst a gutless bunch of yes men representing the City of Melbourne. Only one,  Cr Oke said she had been saddened by Cr Doyle’s response to the protest.

According to Doyle, those who occupied the City Square were a “self-righteous, narcissistic, self-indulgent rabble”; lying, violent, thugs, both comically-amateurish malcontents and–simultaneously–professionally-trained vandals, acting under the influence of sinister forces of strange and exotic origin.

To date his efforts to “brand” Melbourne with a $5 million “logo” is as much a joke as the neo-conservative Mayor.

Can’t see much difference myself. His stance is reminiscent of the abject hipocracy within the 1% in America. Whilst paying “lip” service to democracy on behalf of the 1% and failing to realise that this democracy which must be violently maintained is the root cause of the problem. It does NOT represent the 99%.

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