A Walk to Mont Juic.

Mont Juic is the highest point in Barcelona. In the 17th C a fortress was constructed which directly overlooks the harbour and City. The site has been the primary venue for international exhibitions and the Olympic Games. The National Palau of Montjuïc was constructed between 1926 and 1929, with the aim of being the main building of the International Exhibition of Barcelona of 1929. The “German Pavilion” designed by Mies van de Rohe for the 1929 exhibition and demolished in 1930 was reconstructed from the exact dimansions during 1983-86 and renamed the Barcelona Pavilion.               The Barcelona CaixaForum was built as a textile factory in 1909 and only recently (2002) converted into the beautiful gallery that it now is.

So the walk to Mont Juic begins at the harbouside at Port Vell, with the statue of Cristofer Columbus invariably pointing out to sea, past the old city walls on Av. Parellel, to Placa Espanya.

From Placa Espana along Av de la Reina Maria Christina the Palau Nacional comes into view with the Font Magica sitting below. The views from the Palau forecourt give a great panorama of Barcelona. The “Barcelona Pavillion” also sits near the fountain. The Barcelona CaixiaForum is across the road. The 17th C fortress sits on top of Mont Juic with views over the City and out to the Mediterranean.


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