Climate change on display this Mediterranean summer.

The “reality”, of climate change, not metaphor, continues to hit the Mediterranean coast with the death toll rising to over 60, from 1 “weather event” that has lasted for over a month.

What are we told ? It’s “La Gota Fria”,  “happens every year, look the snow is here, we can all go skiing”

This is an article written by one of the world’s leading climate scientists, Michael Mann.

“It’s not rocket science, Climate Change was behind this summer’s extreme weather”



These are the record temperatures, driven by man made global warming, that created the “ambience”, that turned Autumn rain into a perfect storm claiming many lives.


The last six months in Europe have averaged nearly 2.5 C (4.5 F) warmer than historical averages for the period of April to September. This is nearly 0.8 C (1.4 F) warmer than the previous record for this six month period. This is not normal. – Robert Rhode. – Berkley Earth Sciences.


Record high temperatures registered all over Europe in June, when the Arctic circle was on fire,



Air and water temperature increases caused by increasing carbon emissions continued through the northern summer until September.


Mediterranean water temperatures were up 1.5C, above average, releasing much more moisture into the atmosphere.

The Jetstream atmospheric air current, which delivers all the “weather” in the Northern Hemisphere, continued in chaos caused by the ever decreasing Arctic Ice cover.


For the first time ever this year, the thickest most stable ice in the Arctic circle, broke away from the north coast of Greenland, renewing the prospect of an IMMINENT ice free Arctic summer.

The southward movement of the Jetstream (cold air), causes havoc when it hits the warm air of the equator creating the perfect elements for flooding and the disastrous October death toll in Europe.

Billions of euros will need to be found to repair infrastructure damage, hundreds of thousands of people in Europe have been ruined, they have nothing.


Of course, this just brings climate change closer to home, the same weather “malfunction” that happened in Europe, caused massive flooding in Indonesia and Bangladesh, causing the deaths of around 5,000 people. There is a willing blindness to live in metaphor provided by the media and refuse to appreciate the global reality that is now upon us caused by climate change.

Global warming is causing the earth to dry up, seasons that could be relied upon have vanished, when rain falls now, the increased volume of water that falls scrapes away the dry earth it falls on. It undermines foundations of buildings and infrastructure that have stood for a thousand years. The winds speeds that are created by the “man made” mix of climate change, are unprecedented, new categories are needed as with temperature charts. 200 klm an hour winds flattened forests in northern Italy. Bushfires in Australia in 2009 were driven by 120 klm an hour winds that carried burning embers 35 kilometres in ahead of the fire front, creating new fires.

When no one knows what is happening, the truth is a good starting point.

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