Your Never Alone With A Drone Pt 2

The Democracy Now interview below details the terrible practice Obama has intensified in his years as President. “Dubbya” began drone attacks but the fact emerges Obama has “signed off” on 85% of them.

“Those attacks that take place outside of the geographical area of armed conflict are extra-judicial killings contrary to international Human Rights Law and domestic criminal law unless the persons involved were killed while trying to evade lawful capture.”  Oxford Research Group, 2011 Discussion Paper, Drone Attacks.

There are now reported to have been 277 drone attacks since they began in 2004, 85% occuring since Obama took office in 2008. Between 2,300 – 3,000 people have been killed and President Obama is the first to announce that a high ranking Taliban or Al Qaeda “terrorist” is “hit”. No sign of Obama when a 16 year old and a 12 year old are killed though. They were the 174th and 175th confirmed child casualties in Pakistan.

Republican Senator Ron Paul in a Fox network interview commented , “We’re bombing Pakistan and trying to kill some people, making a lot of mistakes, building up our enemies, at the same time we’re giving billions of dollars to the government of Pakistan,” Ron Paul added. “We’re more or less inciting a civil war there, so I think that makes us less safe.


Stephane Hessel – Time for Outrage.

Stephane Hessel is interviewed on Democracy Now. The 94 year old born during the year of the Russian Revolution wrote a small book “Time for Outrage” last year which has sold 3.5 million copies. It is a cornerstone for protestors in Tahrir Square, Spain and now Wall St. His experiences as a French Resistance fighter, concentration camp survivor and co author of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights give his opinions some weight, and more importantly, validity, as the democracy which we are so proud of lies in tatters. This wonderful interview, and his thoughts are inspiring many people to take back what has been lost. as he warns that indifference is our worst enemy.