The Call That Made a Killing.

When to Start Again, – when no one is to blame for the death of innocents.

Jacintha Saldanha

Jacintha Saldanha, who took a hoax call from Australian DJs posing as members of the royal family before she was found dead. Photograph: AP


The profound apologies that d.j.’s Mel Greig and Michael Christian have made quickly, and publicly, followed the trend by the radio station involved. The day after the news broke the 2 Day FM CEO promptly stated that nothing “illegal” had occurred, “no one could have foreseen this”, i.e. we are not responsible. At the same time in full knowledge of the stations historic and recent breeches of broadcasting standards.

The P.R. machines are at work now, deflecting, working on the front foot, attack is the best form of defence.  There is a rush by ALL the media to point out that “this sort of thing happens all the time, in every radio station in every country in the world”. This is mainstream radio, Southern Cross network, which owns 2 Day FM, reaches 5 million people every day. It’s NORMAL.

It’s the sort of majority readership “enjoyed” by News Limited who were also reminded that the end, (the daily thirst for shock horror front pages), DOES NOT justify the means (hacking mobile phones).

And after the deflection from Greig and Christian and the radio station, (who desperately need their advertising revenues back), the world’s conscience goes in search of another scapegoat to deflect attention from the sickness in a global society which is getting worse, not better, for the enjoyment of the few.

Autumn Statement

The “investigation” is being driven by a collective mind set, a level of intellectual arrogance and hubris fed by “lifestyle prosperity”, that cannot countenance the existence of “low incomes”, people struggling to get by, nervousness, humility, trust.

Soooooooo 20th century, so Welfare State . . .

I mean ‘look at ME, I’m being outrageous, isn’t that cool’? Who needs all that baggage, we all make our own choices . . . . . . . .don’t we?

If it’s legal do it, even if it’s ‘not quite’ legal, do it – we need to push the boundaries. A corporate mind-set that imbues the world with ‘faux’ and ‘emoticons’. That is ‘market savvy’ and chained to wealth creation, and finding that opportunity in the most unpredictable circumstances, a 1 in a million chance that the call would get through, who could be so stupid ?

And so Jacinta Saldhana probably died because she could not bear the shame. Alone working in London with her family in Bristol, who she did not tell about the “prank”.

A newcomer to a new country, working to help build a new life for her family. A stranger in a strange land, nervous, humble, unsure, unable to tell one accent from another. How much could she take, how much shame had she brought on her family.

Made to look like a fool for her gullibility, I wonder if she read the Tweets of Michael Christian as he jumped into the deep end of celebrity OH SO WILLINGLY, determined to milk this for all it was worth, I could make a killing from this . . . . . . . . .

Wouldn’t anyone? –  the DJ’s WERE making a killing. I mean everyone was still laughing, there are millions of “reTweets”, it’s gone viral, 50,000 hits on the website, and shit this is my first week at the station. This is the new NORMAL, kick where you see a head and milk it for all it’s worth – gone viral. “WHERE’S THE NEXT SUCKER”

The laughing lasted 3 days until Jacintha Saldahna couldn’t take any more and she hanged herself.

1 thought on “The Call That Made a Killing.

  1. Well said Rick. You nailed it. Many thanks for condensing these horrible events down to the facts/truth

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