Fires, heatwaves and protest, red hot in the Med.

Just when you thought everything was hunky dory  . . . . . .


Democracy Now reports from Greece and Spain on recent mass demonstrations against yet more austerity. Maria Carrion’s accurate analysis of the systematic looting of the public purse being carried out to maintain corporate and financial dominance over democracy reveals the human cost of austerity.



The report highlights many elements of the Goldman Sachs/IMF/ECB requirements which further remove citizens freedom. At the end of the report is a reference to those arrested at the demonstration facing much higher ranked criminal charges “against the nation”. This was reported below

“Spain converts passive resistance into a crime” & “Spain accused of ‘draconian’ plans to clamp down on protests”  Naomi Klein “Tweeted” on her website                 “Shock Doctrine in Spain: after ruining Welfare State, Law will criminalize pacific protests”

Worse to come when SuperMario Draghi’s “anything it takes” money printing (the same as is piling up debt in the U.S,) obtains an “untouchable” level above the law as Illargi warned on The Automatic Earth.

“Any country that wants a bailout under Draghi’s terms, that is: any country that wants its bonds to be bought by the ECB, must relinquish a substantial part of its sovereignty. At the very least, such a country will no longer be in charge of its own economic policies.”


And here’s a sample of Space Kadet rhythm ; Reaching Out. Check his MySpace page.


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