The Sagrada Familia 2001

These pictures were taken on a visit to Barcelona in July 2001, 10 years ago. They serve as an indication of just how much work has been done since then, despite what “locals” say about the lack of progress. As can be seen, the interior was a mass of scaffolding and main columns under construction. There was no roof and the north of the building was just as it had been consructed during Gaudi’s lifetime. Interuptions to the construction lasted 25 years after Gaudi’s death, he left very few drawings mainly using scale models for his ideas. The Spanish Civil War raged from 1936 – 1939.

During that time the Sagrada Familia was severly damaged, as were many of Gaudi’s models, work did not commence in earnest until the ’50’s and required a whole new generation of skilled professionals to interpret his work. Since that time, the introduction of computer aided drafting software has confirmed Gaudi’s calculations exactly and the work is continuing very much in the spirit of his intentions, albeit with methods of modern construction.


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