Dr Clive Hamilton, Facing up to Climate Change, “Requiem for a Species”

I have been reading Clive Hamilton’s books since “Growth Fetish” and he has now evolved into a very well informed commentator on climate change. Not having read “Requiem for a Species” I saw this film clip as another of his valuable contributions to the climate change debate. What he adds is an update of the science with conclusions that are truthful and realistic. He confirms earlier posts from Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber in the prospects that 2 degree warming is now unattainable and a world where 4 degrees warming could be the norm. His socialogical insights are very valuable as a guide to what will be required for future generations to cope with our legacy. The first part of the talk centres on the denial industry of which a fuller explanation can be found in the post “The Denial Industry and why Environmentalism is Failing”.