Doyle and the 1%

Robert Doyle is a bitter, twisted, failed State politician determined to make his mark amongst a gutless bunch of yes men representing the City of Melbourne. Only one,  Cr Oke said she had been saddened by Cr Doyle’s response to the protest.

According to Doyle, those who occupied the City Square were a “self-righteous, narcissistic, self-indulgent rabble”; lying, violent, thugs, both comically-amateurish malcontents and–simultaneously–professionally-trained vandals, acting under the influence of sinister forces of strange and exotic origin.

To date his efforts to “brand” Melbourne with a $5 million “logo” is as much a joke as the neo-conservative Mayor.

Can’t see much difference myself. His stance is reminiscent of the abject hipocracy within the 1% in America. Whilst paying “lip” service to democracy on behalf of the 1% and failing to realise that this democracy which must be violently maintained is the root cause of the problem. It does NOT represent the 99%.


Typical of the fascist responses all around the world to peaceful demonstrations which have met the “Occupy” movement. This was the support given by 100’s of thousands of Indignados in Madrid, when 128 protestors were hospitalised in Barcelona through police brutality.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, Then you win”   Mahatma Gandhi.

This treatment is the only way that authorities know how to deal with this phenomena.

When Doyle ordered the stormtroopers in he made a fatal mistake. He has now branded himself as part of the arrogant fascist 1% who are quite prepared to use violence to retain the status quo. What he stupidly failed to see is that the next day there would be 1,000 out on the street and this would escalate as the Queen’s visit draws near.

As has been seen all around the world, and what Doyle has been too stupid to realise, is that this is a global movement that responds in peace but in vastly more numbers. If Doyle wishes to maintain his violent response to this peaceful global protest his days as a public figure are numbered.

Egypt Feb 2011

Yemen July 2011

Syria May 2011.

Greece June 2011

3 thoughts on “Doyle and the 1%

  1. Mr Doyle has underestimated the communities outrage to what is being forced upon them. This is not democracy !!!! I am a grandmother and I can see the arrogance being forced upon the people of not just Australia but the world. I have suport for the protesters maybe I will be one of them next time.

    • Hi Mary, it isn’t hard to pick a fraud when the chips are down. He really made a fool of himself, I love the photo of him in front of the fcuk billboard, nice friendly face.

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