Nicole Foss – How I Prepared My Home for Peak Oil and Economic Uncertainty

Nicole Foss gave this talk in October 2011 which explained her personal preparation for Peak Oil depletion. As a guide to supplement her “inside” knowledge of Peak Oil and financial uncertainty it is invaluable, and gives excellent guidance on where her thoughts are for future everyday living. It details the preparations she and her family undertook in order to get ready for tough times ahead. Foss concludes with, “There is a hell of a lot we can do.  We can’t have business as usual.  We have to get over it.  It is gone.  It is done.  We cant’ have that.  We have to be happy with what we can have; that is really what it means to be human, and that is incredibly important. Perhaps the first solutions to “Starting Again”.

In February 2011 Ms Foss gave a talk on “Peak Oil & Economic Crisis – A Century of Challenges” which is a presentation of a DVD that is available from The Automatic Earth website (see “Links” om Home page). The Q & A after the talk is well worth listening to and replayed below.


4 thoughts on “Nicole Foss – How I Prepared My Home for Peak Oil and Economic Uncertainty

  1. A good post.

    When we think of oil, we picture the gas tank analogy. When the needle reaches E for empty is when we are in trouble. The world does in fact have a trillion barrels of oil left to produce. The real analogy is like a Pearl Harbor reconnaissance plane flying its mission over the ocean. The plane flies as far as it can for as high as it can. The pilot fulfils the mission of aerial photography of enemy positions. At a certain point though the pilot knows he must turn around at the HALF WAY point of the gas gauge to make it back home. When the needle reaches at half the tank the pilot MUST RETREAT and DESCEND to make it back to base. When the world has produced as much oil as it ever can in one day (peaked), when it has flown as far as it can for as high as it can the world economy MUST RETREAT and DESCEND.


    • Thanks for reading information forager. Nicole Foss has been called the most intelligent woman in the world. And has like you recognised the finite nature of the very material that has driven growth. That is scary enough, but living in the middle of austerity measures in Europe, the biggest “economy” in the world, and the excesses that has brought to a small minority that the mass majority are paying for. When the earth speaks we should listen. As with the climate, there is hesitation pre disaster. Growth is, as well as driving resource depletion, very much the driver of CO2 poisoning. Both the Oceans and the atmosphere.
      This is an intergenrational thing, and in refusing to give up something, like this way of life we have become accustomed to, condemns future generation to not only economic debt, but environmental debt also. We have seen mass uprisings of people with grievances – worldwide.

      Something is wrong and we need to start again. Hopefully the future posts will indicate a lot of things that still need to be covered – Like what happens during this “downsize” i.e. to the people. That is what democracy is based on. There is huge opposition to ecological change that would provide a viable future. A few things to start with. FIRST a global transactions tax must be implemented . THEN – 1/ No tax havens. 2/ Compulsory voting (proportional representation works well in Australia, correct boundary distribution ensures 1 man – 1 vote. (This is a global demand) 3/ Redistribution of fossil fuel subsidies to renewable energy. 4/ Ensure that current and future generations are considered when prioritising policiy.

      The “Occupy Movement” is as Naomi Klein says, “a State of Mind”, getting away from t.v. screens and talking to people. This is now a world wide phenomena

      Those are just a few that come to mind. Also needed is, as Naomi Klein says, a global redistribution of wealth to the undeveloped south and reduction of demand growth TO A STEADY STATE ECONOMY in western industrialised society. The economic climate needs complete RE_EVALUATION, with all debts cancelled (has it’s recent precedents) and all values RE VALUED. TIME TO STOP, – FOR 2 WEEKS GLOBALLY AND GET OUT IN THE STREETS AND DISCUSS THE FUTURE. THE FUTURE’S WORTH IT.

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