Media Manipulation.

This post is in response to a comment left on Naomi Klein’s article “Capitalism vs Climate. The reader left the comment “For the sake of all humanity I hope Iran and Israel do not go to war”  which was perplexing for quite a while. Yesterday I received an email from Media Lens, a website which is an outstanding source of “fact checking” spurious news items.

This was entitled  ‘They Found Nothing. Nothing.’ The IAEA, Iran And ‘Fantasy Land’, and went on to explain the fabrications engaged in by most english speaking newspapers which is, Media Lens claims, directed at setting the scene for war with Iran. President Obama at the recent APEC conference did NOTHING to dispel these thoughts by insisting that “everything is on the table for discussion”. Meanwhile Israel’s stance on war is hardening, and as Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now !” discovers in this interview with Seymour Hersch, the public opinion is being lulled into the inevitable  acceptance of war by a news bombardment that refuses to print balanced opinion.



The Media Lens article goes on to display a litany of unchecked  facts and statements in all the U.K. press regarding the I.A.E.A. presidents past and present ;

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