Spain’s Partido Popular government is looking to a gambling led recovery from the economic “crisis”.  “ALL BETS ARE ON”

 Jose Maria Aznar puppets Esperanza Aguirre and wife Ana Botella, the “A list” darlings of Madrid, give the impression of destroying whatever glass ceiling exists to the progress of women. Through dynamic decision making, clearing away silly obstacles such as zoning laws and taxes, changing labour laws to allow cheap overseas workers, and generally acting like Aznar fingering his disdain to hard won standards. These two superwomen are getting Spain’s economy going. Not only is a bid for the 2020 Olympics being seranaded, drafted and submitted by the “spice girls”, but their charm and business acumen has prompted a “shopping list” of free land, tax incentives and changes to zoning and environmental law, as a gold carrot affirmative that “WE JUST HAVE TO HAVE EURO VEGAS”

“La Presidenta” Aguirre is putting her Regional Madrid government right behind billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his 16 billion euro development of 6 casinos, 12 hotels, 3 golf courses. The hyper fast tracking of a proposal that only surfaced in November 2011 (election time, nice one Aznar) to a stage where “approval” is now 3 months later a “done deal”, is an absolute disgrace. At a time when Aguirre has reduced government staff pay 15% with further austerity cuts to come, there is something obscene in salivating around the briefs of U.S. billionaires, something very UN Spanish. Aguirre described the proposed development as “a ray of light amid the darkness of the crisis.”


Adelson is riding high on the successes of his “SANDS” development in Singapore and in Macau, (where Venice has been reproduced, pic.)

It doesn’t seem to matter to Aguirre, Botella, Edelston or Aznar that there are already over 30 casinos open in Spain, inflicting whatever social distress, broken homes, and poverty,   there’s always room for another sucker who wants to throw money away. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Aguirre, Botella Edelston or Aznar that the reason casinos in Macau and SIngapore are doing very nicely is their economies are growing at 6% per annum. Europe is in recession, no doubt Edelston’s access to  billions is real enough but this is really putting Spain back 10 years, (just where Aznar wants it) before the Partido Popular corruption throughout Spain became endemic. Aznar’s stacking of the judiciary when P.M. has ensured new legislation will be adjudicated as “liberally” as possible. Spain is, after all, a ‘developed’ country


…………………………….. The happy couple, Jose Maria Aznar and Ana Botella.

BOTELLA’s grand ideas may take more than chutzpah to get them up and running, she has a “credibility problem” on environmental matters being described as “ignorant” on air quality issues (a big problem with strict E.U. emissions regulations) which will feature greatly in any Olympic bid. BOTELLA’s career began as Aznar’s ended, (2004) after he was dumped as Prime Minister for stupid comments about the Madrid train bombings. Her speedy rise to Mayor of Madrid happened surprisingly when then Mayor Gallardon was appointed Justice Minister, (to get rid of Garzon) by Mariano Rajoy, yet another Aznar government appointee.

PRESS RELEASE FROM “PROPERTY INVESTOR EUROPE” http://www.pie-mag.com/articles/2492/madrid-keen-to-facilitate-euro-16bn-eurovegas-project/

Madrid keen to facilitate €16bn ‘Eurovegas’ project

24 January 2012, 08:43 PM

The Madrid authorities have proposed altering legislation to facilitate development of a casino, hotel and leisure complex in the city by US investor Sheldon Adelson which would imply a €16bn investment and create 200,000 jobs.   Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Comunidad de Madrid, and the city’s mayor Ana Botella agreed this week to pave the way for the so-called ‘Eurovegas,’ a complex of 12 hotels, six casinos and three golf courses in the outlying Alcorcón municipality, which Aguirre described as “a ray of light amid the darkness of the crisis.” Aguirre offered to facilitate Adelson’s proposed investment in order that the project be developed “without difficulties” and even “by changing the legal frameworks that need to be changed, as long as it remains within our principles and within the law.” The Madrid project would imply a €16.9bn investment over 15 years, with an initial €6.7bn during the first four years, and would create 261,000 jobs, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group. The development would require changes to the city’s urban planning laws in order to free up some 6m sq.m. of land. Adelson, who proposed the project in November 2011, has also requested changes to Spain’s gaming laws and labour laws, in order to be able to hire foreigners, as well as requiring that the complex of casinos and hotels be served by metro and train stations, according to El País newspaper.   Adelson, the eighth-richest man in the US, according to Forbes, is the owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., the proprietor of two casinos in Las Vegas, three in Macao and the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. (pic).

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