Perspectives on “Limits to Growth” – the 40th Anniversery.

“The Smithsonian Institute” hosted the 40th anniversery of the Club of Rome/M.I.T. groundbreaking report “Limits to Growth” on 1st March 2012. 2 of the 4 original authors Denis Meadows and Jorgen Renders have been living with L.t.G. since 1972. Bearing the criticisms, abuse and false accusations ever since. A thorough review was carried out in 2002 with updated computers and ALL results were confirmed.

Perhaps the most frightening was the confirmation of global collapse due to environmental/economic stressors on complex¬†natural systems/biodiversity loss and natural resource depletion. As if anyone needed reminding, oil is the firsy “limit” to growth we are encountering, followed closely by phosphorus which will impact on food security globally.

Both Meadows and Renders now believe sustainable development is not achievable, Lester Brown is more optimistic but provides earth shattering statistics pointing to big problems with future food supply.

This is an all day seminar and Denis Meadows’ lecture begins 50 mins into the conference, Jorgen Renders begins at 1hr 33mins and a rivetting talk by Lester Brown founder of WorldWatch and The Earth Policy Institute begins a lecture at 2hrs 42 mins.



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