More on Charles Moore, Plastic Oceans, 5 Gyres and Tsunami Debris.

It may have taken a while, but CBS has recently acknowledged the work of Capt Charles Moore and the book released last July ” Plastic Ocean” an interview can be seen at;cbsCarousel

His lecture at  Irving K. Barber Learning Centre discusses “The Greatest Infection of the Sea” detailed in his acclaimed book Plastic Ocean. Learn the shocking truth about the unintended consequences of the “Age of Plastics”, how we got here, & what we must do to stop adding to the millions of tons of plastic choking the world’s oceans. In 1997, Captain Charles Moore discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch– a whirlpool of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean. Since his discovery, Moore has been analyzing the giant litter patch and its disastrous effects on ocean life. Through the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, he hopes to raise awareness about the problem and find ways to restrict its growth. He’s now leading several expeditions to sample plastic fragments across thousands of miles of the Pacific.



Culture Change website has a report of another lecture in March just before the CBS interview ( and Moore’s research website is at

Captain Moore’s latest “expedition” in May 2012 is to track debris from the Tsunami (which covers an area the size of California) as it is carried by the north Pacific Ocean currents.

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