An Economist speaks out for the Environment.

*** UPDATE ,

An incredible article from physicist Tom Murphy  reports a conversation with an economist over dinner as they discuss “future energy” and it’s role in the “future economy”. Here is a link to the same article in Energy Bulletin

Ross Gittins, economics editor for Melbourne’s “The Age” newspaper has had something of a “Paulian” transformation over the last couple of years. In danger of being classified as “green” Gittins now runs the risk of a smackdown from Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest person. Rinehart, who sponsors worthwhile and informative lectures such as Viscount Christopher Monckton’s visit to Australia, has just bought a big chunk of “The Age” and will no doubt be keen have a chat to Ross.

It is so rare to hear an economist including the savage environmental outcomes in store in their considerations of current growth policy – just had to post it.

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