The search for new energy supply is taking a MASSIVE toll on previously sacred environmental sites as detailed with TAR SANDS, Here is another prime example which exposes the 2 faced government of Australia. On the one hand introducing a Carbon Tax (with a beggarly 5% emissions reduction target to 2020) and on the other digging up and selling as much coal, gas and uranium as it can. This duplicitous strategy can only fool some people for some of the time. Eventually it is brain dead policies such as these that will finish the planet.

This 4 Corners programme perfectly exposes the sugar coated arsenic pill the Australian Government offers as its contribution to climate change. Consciously ignoring the World Heritage Council (under which the Great Barrier Reef is listed) the Gillard Government was only too happy to sign contracts for the development of the gas refineries as the Great Barrier Reef follows the road to destruction. This time its coal seam gas and new coal export terminals that are the issue, and a 10 fold increase in shipping through the Great Barrier Reef. As the Reef faces widespread bleaching from ocean acidification we have to ask what is going to be left for the future.



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