Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid.

The full, frightening extent of Goldman Sachs influence in Europe is revealed in a startling tale of “U.S.A. like” revolving doors for high finance executives, into and out of high government positions. This was  previously thought to be “un European”.


The U.K. “Independent” had a full run down on Goldman’s Grip on Europe;

The ascension of Mario Monti to the Italian prime ministership is remarkable for more reasons than it is possible to count. By replacing the scandal-surfing Silvio Berlusconi, Italy has dislodged the undislodgeable. By imposing rule by unelected technocrats, it has suspended the normal rules of democracy, and maybe democracy itself. And by putting a senior adviser at Goldman Sachs in charge of a Western nation, it has taken to new heights the political power of an investment bank that you might have thought was prohibitively politically toxic.

This is the most remarkable thing of all: a giant leap forward for, or perhaps even the successful culmination of, the Goldman Sachs Project.

The full story, well worth reading at ;

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