The European economic crisis made easy

Well if you’re going to understand the European debt crisis there’s a lot to understand, here’s a very simple explanation. Sadly it’s accurate, all too accurate as first China, and then Brazil refuse to contribute to the European Financial Stability Fund, I mean, why would you ? The next problem to reverse the “confidence” that “the markets” expressed after Sarkozy & Merkel announced the deal was the complete surprise at the Greek governments decision to hold a referendum on the terms of the agreement.


A simpler view of the European bail out is here given by Max Keiser. Huffington Post blogger, ex BBC World News reporter and BIG critic of the I.M.F. and their attemots to take away sovereignty from individual Euro countries through debt enslavement. Why does Christine Lagarde look so much like Margaret Thatcher with a tan?                That’s brilliant Max !


Why shouldn’t the Greek citizens have a say, they’re the ones that will be paying for this limpet like belief in the current economic system for the rest of their lives. So as we lurch into more roller coaster economics you have to wonder how this lady will be voting  ……

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