Tim Jackson at Transition Town Totnes.

This blog has to date portrayed the various problems associated with current economic, social and environmental systems. The “Occupy” movement appears to present support for that disquiet. What will be included now are the systems that appear to present solutions. Most center around The Steady State Economy, one of the most eloquant advocates is Professor Tim Jackson

Transition Totnes is “the” Transition Town model, Rob Hopkins began the movement and brings humour, imagination and vision to the great challenges of our time, and argues that what is needed, above all else, at this time in history, is “engaged optimism”.  The rapidly-spreading Transition movement which he was pivotal in establishing, is an embodiment of that.

It is no surprise that amongst the stellar guests they have at TTT (Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben) eventually Prof Tim Jackson would appear. This relaxed discussion is beutifully presented and along with all the resources available on their website they remain the “go to” for the future. More information from their website at http://transitionculture.org/

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