How would you like your planet sir, with or without ice ?

The easiest way of determining the truth of the “greenhouse effect” is the loss of ice at the North and South Poles. It is now beyond doubt that ice loss is occuring faster than most scientists had contemplated in the I.P.C.C. reports.  In the midst of the financial crisis the environmental crisis continues, and as Susan George remarks, we can always come back and fix a financial crisis, and environmental crisis is permanent. The following films bear witness to the scale of ice loss, and brings back the reality of the environmental crisis that we stand to leave as a legacy for the future. The ease with which trillions of dollars are found to band aid an economic system that must change in the near future is a sad endictment on current values.

The “Home” that this blog refers to is the planet. There is no place like it, and it is changing for the worse, so again the question is raised, “How do we start again?”

In August 2010, an area of ice four times the size of Manhattan broke away from the Petermann glacier in the biggest ice calving ever to occur in Greenland. Film from New Scientist

Film from NASA Goddard

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